plinio lamp

To commemorate the 2000th birth anniversary of Pliny the Elder in 23 A.D. and as a continuation of the design research project initiated in 2021 with the creation of the very iconic “Plinio table”, the new «Plinio lamp», pays homage to the work of the Latin author and to his masterpiece: Naturalis Historia.

Specifically he lamp showcases the gripping account of Mount Vesuvius’ most famous eruption in 79 A.D as described by Pliny the Elder.

The lamp effectively captures the haunting scene of the eruption, with light emitting from its cloud-like top that resembles an intense, fiery glow rising from the stone crater into the atmosphere.

Its composition includes a solid natural basalt stone base that supports the mushroom-shaped smoke plume which is crafted using a technique developed by fmm during the creation of the Plinio table using a mix of resin and cement. Designed to provide a realistic tactile sense of the roaring pyroclastic column in the most dramatic phase of the eruption.

Just like the Plinio table, this lamp is a limited edition, and each piece is unique. The base is hand-finished from a specially selected basalt block, chosen for its particular shape. Additionally, the vertical cloud is entirely handmade, ensuring the distinctiveness of each piece.

Collection : Mineralia
Date : 2022

Lava stone, metal resin and cement, volcanic ash and pumice.

Dimension : 80x75cm
Weight : *
Reference : *