mineralia collection

“Geologists have a saying – rocks remember.”
Neil Alden ARMSTRONG (Astronaut & Aeronautical Engineer), 1969

Minerals : nature’s expression of beauty and strength. Formed by tectonic activity, these reflections of pre-history are captured in the divinity of crystals.

The complexity and diversity of the crystalline state is captured through various shapes, colours and sizes, each providing a unique historical expression.

The Mineralia collection aims to explore the possibilities and variations of the use of a variety of minerals and ancient materials adapted to pieces of furniture, whilst respecting the integrity, unique signature and history that each mineral xyet an ushering in of a new era, the era of mineralia. This collection is a tribute to nature, filled with love and passion for its surprising variety of shapes, volumes and proportions.

From the immense tectonic activity belying the the great Vesuvius to the subtleness of the gentle desert rose, belying the harshness of its birth, to alabaster, a silent witness to earth’s history, to the stunning natural cubic formations of pyrites, this collection of pieces brings a unique, modern twist to some of nature’s oldest spectators.

Alabaster, revered by the ancient Egyptians and Syrians for its unique quality, often used in the practice of divine rituals, has retained its charm and made its way into the Mineralia collection through effortlessly chic designs. The cortex coffee table and console are among some of these designs.

Skilfully crafted in Volterra where a millennial tradition of this unique stone is, to this day, being preciously maintained and preserved