Symbolising the inexhaustible melting of the ice shelves of the South Pole (such as Larsen A, B and C, the most famous), the ice table Larsen is inspired by Antactica’s ice shelf Larsen C. It is built in solid alabaster slices and cast resin. Like the other pieces of the Glacies collection, its design aims to raise awareness about global warming and rising sea levels which are leading to the ice caps melting in both polar regions and mountainous glaciers.

The alabaster work takes place in Volterra whilst the casting and some of these steps are carried out directly by FMM.

Collection: Glacies
Date: 2022


Coffee tables made in white alabaster and cast resin, legs in acrylic.

Dimension : 220x150x45cm
Weight : kg 130
Reference : FMM/LRSN-C/CFFTBL/00