Scortea is a side table made from petrified wood found in Madagascar that was fossilised over 60 million years ago, and polished like marble.
As a structure made entirely from fossilised wood, the ‘scortea’ side table is truly a salute to the use of ‘unconventional’ historical material: the trunk is the result of the crystallisation of a 60 million year old tree into a marble-like stone with quartz inclusions.

The intersection of a bespoke smoked glass plate which has been hammered by hand, through a groove resembles a tree cork on its irregular edge and provides a smooth surface sideways, making this a truly unique piece.

Collection : Fossilia
Date : 2022


Side table in fossilized wood and bespoke smoked glass top.

Dimension : 90x55cm
Weight : kg 100
Reference : MM/SCRT/TBL/00